C.A.R.E’s mission is to provide support services to individuals with special needs that will increase confidence and strengthen skills needed for life success. 


CARE stands for Childrens Advanced Recreation and Education.  CARE is a non profit 501(c) 3 organization for children with disabilities ages 3-13.  CARE believes in learning through play by engaging in both individual and group skill building activities for children with disabilities.  Our groups are broken down into seven functional skill groups, cognitive, communication, social, play, life skills, gross and fine motor skills.

We provide individual, family and group programs and services for youth using an ABA approach as well as play therapy. The comprehensive services provided by our team of experts in their fields are individualized for each youth to ensure they are equipped with the needed skills, encouragement and support to discover their authentic self. Our staff collaborate with family, school and community agencies to create a connected and engaging individualized service plan.


Gross Motor

These activities involve the large muscles of the body. Coordinated gross motor actions call for sufficient muscle tone, trunk control and muscle strength. During gross motor skill games, we start from where the child can be successful, using targets that are close and easy to meet then slowly increasing the challenge.


Fine Motor

The development of gross motor skills allows for the intricate fine motor skills. These manipulative activities involve increase in finger dexterity and refine in-hand manipulation and coordination of the hands and fingers.


Life Skills:

These activities teach children how to do every day task while promoting independence. Independence is encouraged by teaching them how to do things for themselves. This includes basic cooking, dressing, cleaning, grooming, etc.



These activities are not only verbal but non verbal as well. They focus on expressing through sign language, words, PEC’s and communication devices. The games in our communication group offer a variety of situations that elicit responses.


Sensory Development

Many of the activities require integration of information from two or more senses. The focus is to help your child experience his sensory world in a fun way while preparing your child for more integrated skills.


Social Skills

In our social group children are encouraged to socialize with other children. The games and activities allow children to engage with their peers. There will be partner activities where one child will have to pair with another. In addition, there will be activities where each child’s participation is crucial in completing the game